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What Are Data Disks?

What Do You Get?

How Do I Use Them?

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Data Disks

Reduce your odds

from 1 in 13 million for 6-49 games to 1 in 5 million using these pre-filtered number sets.


Three different databases to choose from and all having filtered number combinations to give you the winning edge.


You can use our software or your software tools to access our data disks.


Need Just the Numbers?

For those players who have their own techniques and strategies you may wish to incorporate our data disks into your number selection. The numbers on the data disks contain filtered number sets that have been processed to give you the best set of winning combinations.

Data Disks

 Starting at $49.95


Number Combinations  That Give You a Winning Edge!


Our research has shown that many combinations  have little likelihood of being drawn.

The filtering techniques we use have generated number sets that maximize the likelihood

of the winning combination being contained in our data set.  If you presently have a 

database or use a random process, incorporating the numbers from the data disks should

help in eliminating sets that statistically have little likelihood of being drawn.


What Are Data Disks?


Data disks are CD's that contain combinations that have been pre-filtered based on different categories and criteria we have found useful in predicting future lotto draws. For most players the presence of recurring patterns in the draw results can be seen time and again. We have also noticed that different numbers are drawn in combinations that come up time and time again.


Our data disks have been developed using a type of analysis based on categories to filter out number combinations that are most likely to occur. The process is a dynamic one that will let you either repeat the search process for each draw or use a static analysis that will let you play number combinations for several draws without repeating the filtering process.




What Do You Get?


You will receive a CD that will contain number combinations that have been filtered by category type. Each category is optimized to remove those number combinations that have little statistical likelihood of being drawn. The categories used are proprietary and have based on our analysis produced recurring number combinations that are repeated over and over again.


The sequences of number combinations are fixed based on the database of numbers you wish to use. We have produced 3 distinct databases that are subsets of all possible combinations for all Lotto 649 game. Each database is a smaller subset of 13,983,816 possible Lotto649 combinations. The smaller database's reduce greatly the odds and give players a better chance selecting the winning number combinations. Players also have a greater chance at winning the many smaller prize amounts that are offered. In short whether it is a 3, 4 ,5 or 5+Bonus prize categories your chances are greatly improved.


While each database is optimized according to categories selected, the databases having fewer number combinations have also been filtered to optimize statistical distributions that fit past drawings. The number sets contained within the smaller databases still provide many winning combinations and have been optimized for older computer systems that cannot provide the processing speed needed to filter large number sets. You will require at least a Pentium IV computer to adequately filter the number sets contained on the data disks.




How Do I Use The Data Disks?


You can use our data disks with any ODBC compliant database tool, our software packages or open source database systems like mySQL that allow you to query a database. All number combinations are in .csv format for easy access. For those already having Microsoft Access installed you can easily link to the tables right off your CD.


For those not wanting or able to use many of the current database query tools our line of LottoPirate software products have been developed for easy click and use. For those proficient with database tools the number sets are a starting point for your own analysis. Coupled with the other tools such as a spreadsheet for analysis, the starting number combinations give you a headstart in winning the big one!




Pricing Information


We have priced the data disks reasonably and based on your level of expertise in working with databases. You can also buy each database separately or purchase all three at a reduced rate. We can supply you just the software as well. You choose which is the right solution for you!


To access our pricing information you can on click the links below:


               Data Disks Only


               Software Solutions


               Software and Data Disk Solutions




How Do I Order?


Our payment of choice is PayPal and you can pay securely for your purchase by clicking on the PayPal logo posted below. Further ordering information is also contained in the pricing information link provided above.


Because the data disks contain number combinations that can be easily copied or distributed we do not provide a refund and will only exchange or provide a substitute product where warranted.


We will also ask you to comply with our licensing agreement prior to purchase and your purchase will be your acknowledgement of all legal penalties and remedies should we become aware the

data disks have been illegally copied or distributed to other parties.




Licensing Requirements


Because of the copying potential and widespread piracy we do require you to enter into an licensing agreement for the data disks which preclude the copying or redistribution of the data disks to other parties. Any unauthorized redistribution of the data disks will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


We feel our pricing is reasonable and affordable to all those who play the lottery. Unauthorized copying and redistribution of our products will only insure that future development will not occur. We appreciate your trust and purchase of our products.


You can view our licensing agreement in pdf format by clicking on the link provided below:


                         User License For Use of aiLotto Software


To view the licensing agreement in your Browser click on this link below:


                    Browser Licensing Agreement For Use of aiLotto Software



Because of the large number of combinations contained on each CD disk it is only possible to purchase our data disks by mail order. We only sell our data disks to non-commercial or private individuals. We accept PayPal only and charge actual shipping costs for mail orders. 


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