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System Requirements

Your Computer will require the following to use our software:


PIV 1700 or Higher

1.0 GB Ram

10 GB HD Space

Windows 98 or Above


LINUX Version is not available

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Past Neural Network Predictions


In response to requests validating the predictive power of our neural networks we are providing a forecast for

Lotto649 and Super7 draws. You may view the predictive power for all past Lotto draws by clicking on the link below.


Past Lotto Draw Predictions


Legal Disclaimers


The arrest of a prominent executive for an online gambling website by U.S. authorities required the publication of the intent and purpose of this website. We do not have nor have had any associations with any online gaming or gambling entities. The sole purpose of this website is strictly for the personal entertainment and recreational use of the visitor.


Any claims or statements made in regards to the validity of software or data disks so described herein are based on solid statistical and mathematical tests that have been undertaken by the developer.


The software developer advises that the chance of winning a lottery game are prohibitive and within the specified odds published by the agency or jurisdiction responsible for the administration of the lottery. All lottery players are advised to source out and understand the risks associated with the playing of any lottery they may currently now or in future consider playing. The odds posted for select Western Canada Lottery Corporation games are as follows:


Western Canada Lottery Corporation Select Lotto Games Odds


Our software is intended for the personal and recreational use of our customers only.



Problem Gambling

For most people, playing the lottery is a form of fun and entertainment. Only those funds not committed to the necessities of life should be used in the purchase of any lottery tickets. A small percentage of people, however, experience problems with their gambling. If gambling is a problem for you or someone you know, within the following Provinces call toll-free:

Alberta 1-866-332-2322
Saskatchewan 1-800-306-6789
Manitoba rural 1-800-463-1554
Winnipeg 944-6382

Please play responsibly!



We only sell our software by mail order to non-commercial or private individuals. We accept PayPal only and charge actual shipping costs for mail orders. 


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