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System Requirements

Your Computer will require the following to use our software:


PIV 1700 or Higher

1.0 GB Ram

10 GB HD Space

Windows 98 or Above


LINUX Version is not available

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What You Get


Purchasers receive either an Access database if they already have Office97 and above

installed or installation disks that will self install on their computer system. We currently

do not have a version that runs under the Linux operating system. The screenshots have

more information on the features and utilities contained in the software.  You may also

check out the features and prices for our software packages by clicking on the links provided.


Software Piracy and Online Gaming


Because software piracy has grown ever more rampant in the past few years we are restricting

sales to non-commercial parties only. The internet has also produced vendors who sell copies of

software at reduced prices or distribute software for free as part of their commercial website.


As software developers the lost income and potential for third party liability lawsuits from non-registered

users has necessitated a change in how we distribute our software products. We provide mail order service

only and will require a verified home address for each purchaser. The software license agreement is for

the use by the original owner and can not be resold or transferred to another user. We encourage all

potential purchasers to read our licensing agreement prior to purchase.


As highlighted on our homepage the crackdown on online gambling by U.S. Justice officials has mandated

the need for restricting all sales to private individuals only. The use of the software is for personal purposes

only and must not be used for any commercial activity or in contravention of the rules governing the lottery

where the software is being used. Failure to comply with this licensing condition will result in immediate legal

actions being initiated against the buyer of the software.


No Return or Free Trial Edition Available


Because of software piracy a free trial edition is not available. We have also suspended the policy of a

money back guarantee. We insure that all reasonable efforts will be made to assist the user in getting the

software operational and installed on the purchasers computer. We provide minimal support and require of

the purchaser that they be familiar with the operating system installed on their computer and can fully operate

any program requiring the use of a mouse. We are not responsible for the training of the purchaser in the

operation of their computer or in supporting the operating system they have installed on their computer.


Support Site For Software Purchasers


To assist purchasers we have setup a secondary website that is exclusively geared for the support of our software.

Upon purchase the user will be directed to the website where they will have immediate and 24 hour access to our

software support services.


Lotto Pirate Software Support Site




We only sell our software by mail order to non-commercial or private individuals. We accept PayPal only and charge actual shipping costs for mail orders. 


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